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Who am I?

My name is Chris, I'm a Software Engineer (Full-Stack JavaScript) I like enjoys creating things using technologies such as React, Node and Flutter.

Personally I love pizza 🍕 Ramen 🍜 jogging 🏃‍♂️ and playing drums 🎵

I am currently developing THIS blog to share the experience and knowledge that I gain during my daily work as a developer.

Books from my collection
Some very old books and some very new from my collection :)


You can find out all code published on this blog on my GitHub profile:

KrzysztofLen - Overview
Software Engineer 💻 | Flutter 📱 | React | JavaScript | Pizza 🍕 - KrzysztofLen


I really like sharing my knowledge and after a few years in the IT industry and gaining experience, I decided to create my own space for writing articles.

Many of the articles are the result of real day-to-day problems and may help some of you in the future.

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